Protect Yourself From Other Peoples’ Incompetence

This is going to be a short but very informative post for all of you youngin’s out there. When I first moved to the city I live in now, the landlord said to me, “always keep your receipts.”

Being that this was the first apartment I paid for with my own money, I heeded her advice.

So, today, I go into the office to pay my rent and the woman at the front desk tells me I owe two months rent, which I absolutely did not.

Long story short, after a lot of talking and deliberation, I gather up all my receipts and bring them downstairs and show her that every month has been paid for.

After she realizes that I’m correct and I owe ZERO money, she tells me, “the secretary stole it.”

Now, personally, I don’t think anybody is stupid enough to work in an apartment complex and steal tenants’ rent.


Perhaps, if the secretary looks like this you can forgive her incompetence. Actually, nah, fuck that.


That’s pretty absurd.

You could have to be a complete moron to do shit like that, considering three different parties keep track of the payments including myself, the office, and headquarters.

However, I guess this woman stole – according to the landlord –  (but in my opinion, she probably lost it) my rent and got rid of the receipt of payment.

So, thank god I kept records of all of my payments!

For any of you young guys (and girls) out there, make sure you keep a record of any major payments, especially ones where you’re paying by cash.


Person Tripping
Don’t be a jackass like this guy.


Not even because people are malicious because I don’t think they are. People are only human and they make all kinds of mistakes. Essentially, You have to protect yourself from other peoples’ incompetence.