The Importance Of Diversity Of Income

Despite my constant male posturing, I have to admit there have been many moments of my life where I’ve seriously screwed up. Most recently, I was writing articles for my job, and the chief editors complained of the lack of quality writing.

The problem was I began to write articles that I thought sounded less “dry,” but I guess the people in charge were not happy with that at all.

Unfortunately, I lost publishing rights for the moment, so I have to submit my writing to an editor again.

That’s a small step back in the wrong direction, but that’s ok.

I’m fairly sure I can salvage my position because it was a genuine mistake on my behalf, rather than a result of laziness or lack of work-ethic.

However, with that said, I’m glad I’ve been working on other marketable skills because it’s important to generate revenue from multiple sources.

You never know when you might lose something entirely.

I would argue having one job is not enough in today’s day and age. If you lose that job, you lose everything.

I’ve read the average time a person spends at one vocation in modern times is two or three years max.


Old Farmers
It’s not like this anymore


People quit, they get fired, companies fold, companies move to Mexico, and businesses get bought out by bigger conglomerates.

Many different things can happen.

There is the possibility of losing your job due to “workplace politics,” as well.

If you haven’t worked a lot of jobs, you will be completely unfamiliar with what I mean by “workplace politics.”

Office Politics

The best thing you can do for yourself when you want to keep a job is work as hard as you can.

However, it’s possible that sometimes, a person you work with can develop an enormous vendetta against you.

If someone feels threatened by you, if you make them feel jealous, or maybe they just plain don’t like you, these individuals can threaten your livelihood.

I call them “workplace snakes.”

These are people who are actively trying to get you fired for some unexplained reason, although they will smile to your face and pretend everything is all good.

I once worked in a nightclub as a waiter for about 7-8 months.

When I was working there, I could always sense that the head bartender had a problem with me.

In fact, I couldn’t get along with anyone there, which is strange for me, because normally I’m able to get along with people fairly well.

For example, at the club I work at now, people are always telling the managers how great I am, which is quite the change in comparison to the last one.

At the first club, we’ll call it Club1; a family of Arabs ran it.

It was the husband, the wife, the step-sister, one cousin, and then several family friends.

I could sense that I was an outsider there. I mean, it was evident.

On any given night, I was the ONLY white person there. Not only was I not Arab, but I wasn’t a family member either.

The bartender knew that I was always hitting on girls because let’s be honest, he always was too, but I think he may have felt threatened by me a little bit.

Eventually, the bartender started doing all kinds of little snake shit.

He would tell me to sit with him at a table full of girls and have a drink, which I obviously was not allowed to do at all (although he was because of his close relationship with the owner)

I absolutely, could not, without a doubt, sit at a table with clients and have a drink.

It was so absurd that he would even ask me to do that.

But he tried to make it seem like it was all good.

But, no, I knew it wasn’t.

It was non-stop with that kind of shit.

He was always trying to get me to do shit that would obviously get me fired.

And you know what?

Eventually, he got his way.

They fired me in the end.

They told me it was because of “little mistakes,” but I honestly doubt that.

Club1 was the first time that I lost a job.

I was devastated, straight up, crushed.

That’s ok though. I prevailed.

You’ll encounter these individuals throughout your life whether you like it or not.

The example I’ve outlined here is just one of the reasons that a person in this day and age need multiple revenue streams.

You don’t know what’s going to happen. You could encounter a “workplace snake,” or your company could fold. You have to be resilient in the face of change.