What Do You Want To Do?

About two weeks ago, I met a Mongolian girl just outside of my apartment who had just arrived here for University. She was cool but young. I think she said she was 18-years-old.

Although there were several annoying moments where her age showed in the manner in which she talked and what she chose to speak of, she said something that resonated with me and pushed me to think.

It’s not an uncommon question to ask somebody, but for some reason, hearing someone say this brought a moment of clarity.

She said to me, “If you could do anything in the world and you had no limitations what would it be?”

She wants to be a singer.

I thought about it, and what I wanted came to mind immediately, but I didn’t tell her the actual vocation.

Not only because I didn’t want to tell her something so intimate, but I also didn’t want to admit it to myself.

I was thinking about this moment again this morning and decided that maybe I should follow that path a lot harder?

I’m already doing it to some degree, but I’m not doing it enough. It’s almost like a secondary priority when the reality is that it should be my primary obligation.

At the moment, I have so many things that I want to do with my life. I don’t want to give up all of my other goals just to pursue this one path.

Personally, I like having goals, and this year I had more goals than I’ve ever had ever since I started setting them back in 2014.

Every year I look back at what I accomplished during the year and think to myself how good it is to get something meaningful done.

However, despite the “cliché”-type nature of that question, I believe that it’s useful and worth thinking about. If you’re wondering what you should do with your life, just ask yourself that question. “If I had no limitations at all in life, what would I want to do?”