My Thoughts On Kevin Spacey

Ever since The New Yorker and The New York Times published their reports on the alleged crimes of Kevin Spacey, it seems like everyone is coming out with their own stories of past abuse.

The initial story goes back to 1986, where Anthony Rapp – who was 14-years-old at the time – was invited to a party hosted by Spacey following their performance of some Broadway play.

Once the party ended, everyone left, and it was just Anthony alone in the apartment with Kevin. Anthony sat in a room watching TV and Spacey entered wobbling like he was drunk.

He proceeded to pick him up and set him on the bed and tried to seduce him, and by “seduce,” I mean he got on top of him and started kissing him.

Rapp thought “holy shit,” then got up and went to the bathroom. Kevin realized that he didn’t want to have sex, asked him if he “was sure” that he wanted to go home, and Anthony said he had to go and left.

Now, everyone is freaking out about this. Subsequently, Netflix stopped the House Of Cards series and fired Kevin from the production, permanently banning him from working with the organization ever again.

In fact, in a film that has already been produced, “All The Money In The World,” they edited out Kevin Spacey and replaced all of his appearances with those of Christopher Plummer.

In my opinion, what he did was wrong, but I think the condemnation of Kevin has been unjust for a couple of different reasons.

For starters, any man knows that there are times where underage people attend parties organized by older people. Sometimes, minors sneak into bars with a fake identification.

I think it’s entirely possible that Kevin thought Anthony was much older than he was because, after all, he was at the same party like the rest of the people there.

I’ve had situations in the past where everyone is hanging out on a beach for example, and there is one girl who has friends that are much older than her. What ends up happening is that an older man hits on the girl and tries to take her home.

Everyone is always quick to condemn the man in the situation, but how is one supposed to know that the girl at the party is underage? It’s easy to assume that, because everyone there is 21-years-old and up, that the girl you’re talking to is also of legal age.

If you’re trying to seduce someone, it’s not exactly charming to ask for their identification to ensure that they’re legal to have sex. I think it was an honest drunken mistake on Kevin’s behalf.

It’s entirely possible that Anthony could’ve felt intimidated by the environment as he was surrounded by people much older than him, and lied at one point and said he was 16 or 17-years-old. The age difference would still be significant, but at least he would be legal.

Since the accusations came to the surface, it seems like now everyone has a story of abuse regarding Spacey. Frankly, I think it’s bullshit. People are digging up the past and telling stories like, “Kevin made a move on me back in 1997, and he got upset when I rejected him. He became seriously upset and then I went home.”

Additionally, people are coming out to smear his reputation with claims that he was a “dick on set.” But last time I checked, it isn’t a crime to be an asshole.

Now that this first accusation came to light, it’s a free-for-all. Now we have people from all walks of life, from over 15 years ago, coming out with their own Kevin Spacey stories.

It’s almost like the public has a magnifying glass over top of his life right now. I’m not excusing what he did. What I’m pointing to is the sheer hypocrisy of all of it. It’s like everyone is claiming that they’re perfect and have never done anything wrong in their life ever.

I bet some of these people who accuse Kevin of crimes are guilty of shit that’s either just as bad, or worse.

A person has to be honest with themselves. What have you done in your life? If you were famous, and every person who you ever wronged knows who you are and is bitter, resentful, and jealous of your fame, how many people would come out with their own story about you?

Nobody is perfect. Are you telling me that a person has never led you on, and then when you made a move, you became a little bit upset and felt like you were betrayed, cheated, or humiliated?

My point is that we’re all human, and mistakes happen. If you’re one of these self-righteous social justice warriors, I bet you have skeletons in your closet as well. No one is perfect, especially if there’s been a lot of drugs and alcohol involved.

With the advent of social media, the lines between the public and private sphere’s have become increasingly blurred which has advantages and disadvantages.

A person can film the things that you say and without your knowledge, or the comments posted on Internet forums are forever stored and retrievable by people with malicious intentions.

If you become a highly successful person in the public’s eye, people can dig up mad dirt on you. They can go back 30 years in history, like Kevin Spacey, and utterly destroy your career and livelihood.

If you’re joking around with your friends and say “nigger” – even with black people around you who are laughing their asses off at your joke – one day, someone could release that information to the public and ruin you.

In many ways, I think deleting all of my respective social media accounts and refusing to engage in things like Twitter was an excellent choice on my part. If you’re a young, single, outspoken man with unconventional opinions, watch the fuck out.

Since I began writing this article, another industry leader is under attack, Louis CK. Now his story is almost unbelievable. Allegedly, Louis met up with two girls one time, invited them back to his hotel and then pulled his cock out, stripped naked, and started jacking off right in front of them.

(Louis CK recently came out to admit to what he did).

Both of the women were like, “HOLY SHIT,” and then he ejaculated on his stomach directly in plain view. The story may or may not be true. However, the thing that bothers me about all of this shit is that women like to play the victim.

I’ve had many experiences, known many women, talked to a lot of guys about this sort of thing, and it isn’t entirely uncommon for women to instigate sexual interactions with the sole purpose of rejecting the guy and then going around spreading rumors about him like he’s some creep.

I guess you’re supposed to “just believe” women when they complain about men. But, I can’t lie to you, I have a hard time “just believing” whatever women say like its the gospel from God, and especially, with the knowledge of their history.

People say this is “victim-blaming,” and you know what? It is. Be that as it may, a person’s behavior and actions play a role in what happens to them in this life.

(I want to point out that I don’t believe some of the ridiculous shit men say either.

A few months back at work, a couple of guys I know was talking shit about one of the bartenders and said he was jerking off in the bathroom. It wasn’t a joke.

At another place, there was a rumor about the manager that he asked a guy to suck his dick, and he said “no,” and that’s why the manager fired him. They’re just dumb rumors if you ask me).

On the other hand, I get the traditional feminist argument. I understand that if a man raped a woman in the past, men would ask questions like, “Well, what were you wearing?”

“Oh, you were wearing a skirt? Well, I guess you deserved it then. What can you expect honey? You’re dressed like a slut, so you got treated like one.”

However, sexual assault is a legitimate issue and should be treated as such; I just don’t want it to turn into a neurotic mess where we’re outing people for the smallest things.

Because, when will the outrage culture come for you? That’s the real question. When will YOU be publicly shamed? It could be any day now.