Toronto Attack

Thoughts go out to those in Toronto

In case you didn’t hear, an Armenian guy rented a truck and drove it across 23 people on Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada, killing 10, and injuring 13. I can already hear the world, notably, Twitter, complaining that the media will claim it wasn’t a terrorist attack because he was white.

However, the people complaining are wrong.

If all the reports are correct, this was, in fact, not a terrorist attack, and for a simple reason, with nothing to do with ethnicity, contrary to what identitarians want everyone to believe.

Van Killer
Van Killer

The reasoning is simple: there were no known political or religious affiliations.

If we find out later that this guy was doing it in the name of Allah or Christ,

or some National Socialist group, then yeah, we can call it a terrorist attack.

But until then, it’s just an unfortunate – and incredibly messed up – event.

As much as I hate what this kid did, I can’t help but feel bad for him. He must’ve been miserable. An unidentified friend described him as a super smart person, gifted in computer programing, but incredibly impaired in social interactions.

It’s important to be nice to people. Maybe we could avoid stuff like this.

Political rhetoric aside, it’s terrible this happened, and I hope the families of the deceased get through it.

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