Eric Schneiderman Gets #MeToo'd

Attorney General Of NY Eric Schneiderman Gets #MeToo’d

Valiant woman-saver and Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman, gets #MeToo’d.

Attorney General Of NY Eric Schneiderman Gets #MeToo’d

Another one bites the dust. Except for this time, it’s the Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman, the media’s favorite anti-Trumpian. In case you missed it, yesterday, The New Yorker published a report investigating the claims of sexual assault – choking and slapping – made by four women, and the attorney general subsequently stepped down from his position.

It didn’t take long.

Eric Schneiderman Gets #MeToo'd

What makes this case particularly interesting, is that, like Bill Cosby, Eric Schneiderman had a reputation for being “progressive,” someone who stands up for women, a person who toes the party line by talking the usual shit against Donald Trump

It’s the same old story. In this case, four women who dated him claimed that after he had a few drinks, Eric became way too aggressive during sex, including choking and slapping. He also supposedly slapped a woman once who told him she didn’t want to have sex with him.

While one would think his ex-wife would come out too, her opinions of him were precisely the opposite.

Eric’s ex-wife actually defended him. The woman who has known him for thirty-five years said the allegations are totally shocking because it’s nothing like the man she knew.

She claimed he was a man of “outstanding moral character.”


The media has trumpeted Eric as a hero of the “political left” since 2013 when he filed his first lawsuit against Trump University and many others toward the Trump administration just a few years later.

During an episode of “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” the host described him as someone who fights back against “democracy’s nemesis,” and went on to call him, “Schneiderman.”

How lame.

And how ironic. In fact, during his time as a senator for Manhattan, Schneiderman introduced a law making it a federal felony to strangle a woman almost to the point of unconsciousness during sex, consent or not.

The Award for Irony 2018 goes to Eric Schneiderman.

Moreover, he and his administration have published all kinds of domestic violence brochures dealing with the subject specifically. It goes on and on with this guy, he was probably the United States’ most woman-defending politician.

So, like usual, opportunistic Republicans are all pretty pleased with this and jumping all over it with glee.

What This Means For Us

However, regular people are not.

It begs two questions: What’s going on in our culture?

And how long is this going to go on for?

While his actions, if they are true, are totally reprehensible, every person on this earth has acted improperly toward someone else at some point in their life.

Holding a position in society which comes with a lot of responsibility also coincides with the necessity to be completely and utterly squeaky clean. Which no one is, by the way.

The sad truth of reality – as well as the truth of human beings – is that no one is perfect, and anyone can be removed from public office, man or woman if the right person comes forward with their story.