California To Require Solar Power

California To Require Solar Power Energy In New Homes

California is leading the way in the implementation of clean energy like solar power, but at what cost to the average person?

California To Require Solar Power In New Homes

California will be the first state in the United States to require solar power in freshly built houses. On the one hand, it’s great that they’re taking initiative in the fight to bring alternative, renewable, energy to the mainstream.

However, on the other, it’s not looking good because, in California, one of their biggest concerns is finding affordable housing. And whenever the government forces its citizenry to do something, the possibility of it being counter-productive is high. And it’s possible this is the case here.

According to the New York Times, it’s going to tack on an extra $8,000 to the value of homes. In a market where the housing prices are already inflated, why not tack an extra $10,000?

Fuck it. Make it $20,000.

The argument made by state officials is that, over time, they’ll make up the cost through the creation of renewable energy which is sold back into the system.

Additionally, it won’t cost nearly as much money to power the house strictly through hydroelectric, nuclear energy, or natural gas.

Change Is Coming

The tide is slowly turning. A few other American cities have considered passing legislation making it a requirement for new buildings to be solar-ready. But California’s recent decision is definitely the boldest.

The law requires that 50% of their power comes from renewable sources by 2030, just 12 years away. Because of their decision, the alternative energy industry in the state has been blowing up.

Moreover, builders will have to choose between two options: either build each house with solar panels equipped or build a solar-power system that delivers power to a group of houses.

But if everything goes through, it means the houses will cost up to $8000-$12,000 more for each home. And while it’s good news in the fight for clean energy, as well as our slow and gradual move away from energy sources that pollute our environment, it might not be good for the average person.

And regarding the market, even though the government and builders are saying it’s going to be such a great thing, it doesn’t necessarily make it so.

It might make the houses so unaffordable that only the richest of the rich can live there, and the average person, once again, misses out.

Did the government miss the mark on this one? Make sure to give your opinion on solar power in the comment section.