Paris Attack

Another Paris Attack Last Night Near Opera Garnier

Another Paris Attack last night, as a knife-wielding man surged into a crowd of people and stabbed 5, killing 1, thus injuring four. Islamic State claimed responsibility, despite not even knowing the man’s identity.

Another Paris Attack – 1 Killed 4 Injured

Chalk another one up on the board, as last night, a knife-wielding man attacked tourists in Paris. Another day, another Paris attack.  An assailant killed a 29-year-old man and injured four others after he surged at them with a knife near the Opera Garnier in France’s most popular city. And as per usual, the Islamic State group took responsibility for it.

Because of their claim, counterterrorism forces took over the rest of the investigation.

Whether or not politics motivated the attacker, it’s a tragedy that he killed a man and hurt other people. However, what’s weird about these situations is how immediately it’s chalked up to terroParis Attackrism and the Islamic State claims responsibility.

Did they even release the name of this person? How does the Islamic State group even know who it was? And how could they claim responsibility for an attack if the police didn’t release his identity to the public?

Was it Really the Islamic State?

At this point, whenever something terrible happens in a country, Islamic State takes responsibility for it. It’s possible that they had nothing to do with it, and it was just a man struggling with mental health problems.

One man at the scene claims that he yelled, “Allahu akbar,” at the scene before stabbing people, but it’s possible he was just imagining things. People dream up different interpretations of events all of the time.

Either way, after the police took care of everything, the events of the night went on like usual. If there’s a silver lining to attacks such as these, it’s that the actions of “terrorists,” for lack of a better term, don’t have that much of an effect on the targeted population.

People will continue to live life. People will move on. As much as the attacker would like everyone to sit around and be sad for the rest of the year, it’s just not going to happen.