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World Health Organization Trying To Ban Trans Fats Worldwide

The World Health Organization is looking to ban trans fats worldwide following the mandate that kicks in next month in the United States. Chalk one up on the board for the consumer.

World Health Organization Trying to Ban Trans Fats Worldwide

A lot of people into health and nutrition are pretty excited about the news of the federal government’s intention to ban trans fats across America. Removing the oils out of American diets has been a long battle but it’s finally happening. The federal ban kicks in next month.

There’s almost no purpose to using trans fats in food, other than convenience and frugality. It offers zero nutritional value, and does nothing but cause heart disease and weight gain.

Why were we using them?

Small restaurants and processed-food manufacturers use them because they’re good for frying, for shortening in baked goods, and they can sit on the shelf for a long time.

However, every time we consume trans fats, LDL cholesterol goes up and the risk of heart disease increases. They have long been one of the worst things to eat, and it’s insane they’ve existed in our food for sixty years.

They cause heart disease because it raises LDL cholesterol – “bad cholesterol” – and lowers HDL cholesterol – “good cholesterol.”

The use of trans-unsaturated fatty acids leads to increased triglycerides – (bad fats in the bloodstream) – and promotes systemic inflammation.

Inflammation – also caused by loneliness, oddly enough – is a good thing when recovering from an injury. However, chronic inflammation in the gut is not.

Think of it like pricking yourself in the finger with a pin.

However, you don’t want inflammation like that, all the time, 24/7. Scientists think continuous inflammation is what leads to a solid portion of diseases.

Government Inefficiency

To be honest, with the way the federal government handles substances in the United States, it’s hard to believe they made such a good decision.

The FDA was in the process of trying to classify Kratom as a Schedule I drug back in 2016, and their history with marijuana and other substances has been equally as bad.

Yet, there are legal additives and chemicals in foods that are far worse than any amount of marijuana you could smoke or kratom you could eat in your entire life.

Either way, the World Health Organization is looking to eliminate these oils across the world, and not just in North America and in Europe.

Pakistan, the Middle East, and India use trans fats and a lot of them. The WHO is calling on them to ban trans fats by 2023: just five years away.

Ban Trans Fats

One of the reasons countries are afraid of getting rid of them is they have to take on the food industry head-on, a surprisingly powerful enterprise of influence in society.

Chalk one up on the board for the consumer.