Gun Control

Gun Control: Country Values Versus City Values

Gun control is yet another example of the disconnection between the rural and urban people throughout North America. Neither culture understands each other. Chaos ensues.

Gun Control: Country Values Versus City Values

It seems like the topic of gun control is always a heated one, and it never really dies out. Especially these days, considering school shootings have almost become a fashion trend among the dispossessed.

In the state of Kentucky, teenagers took inspiration from the Parkland School shooting survivors and began petitioning for gun control. Except the surrounding community met them with mostly laughter and sneers.

Kentuckians - Gun Control

In the New York Times, an article told the story of a small gun-control group in an area of people where the beliefs are opposed to those of the city. And it didn’t go well for them.

This isn’t a big surprise. The values of people who grow up in rural areas are typically much different than the people who come of age in the urban areas.

After protesting through posting up flyers, creating group chats, and so on and so forth, people started ostracizing them completely.

The Values Are Totally Different

Country values are entirely different from those of the city, mostly because of the surrounding environment. For one, people live far apart from each other. And there are huge spaces of open land where they occupy themselves with snowmobiling, hunting, four-wheeling, camping, and other motorsports.

Rather than valuing things like diversity, having the right social connections, and fashion, rural people typically value work-ethic, family, and sportsmanship. And in general, they value having a down-to-earth and non-pretentious vibe.

Nobody from the countryside takes themselves super seriously, and to have an aura of self-righteousness is not a good look.

Opposing Lifestyles

What rural people do for fun is totally different, because of the geography of the area in which they grew up. Careers are typically more blue-collar, including construction, carpentry, landscaping, farming, and so on.

Deer Hunting and Gun Control

Hunting, the thing that most urban people hate, is not frowned upon at all, and for perfectly reasonable explanations. For one, in areas where there aren’t thousands of people stacked up on top of each other, there are animals everywhere.

Particularly, deer, who, when they’re overpopulated, wreak havoc on the surrounding environment. The cost of too many deer is extremely high, with things like collisions with drivers (which happens all of the time, believe it or not), the spread of Lyme disease, as well as the loss of agriculture.

Lyme disease, for instance, is a terrible illness carried by a tick that lives in the fur of deer. In areas where there are too many, there are typically more incidents of Lyme Disease in the human population.

The Old Fashioned Caricature Of The Other

However, people who grow up in the cities always think hunting is just some kind of cruel sport perpetrated by violent and unsophisticated rednecks. Cue the calls for gun control.

The irony is that it’s the urban people who are ignorant because they know nothing of overpopulation problems. They know nothing of the threat of invasive species, the ebb and flow of ecosystems, and the importance of balancing predator and prey populations.

Urban people don’t know anything about farming. Because they watched a Netflix documentary on factory farms, they think they have a monopoly on the truth. As well as the right to pass judgment on others because of that stranglehold on truth.

There’s a gigantic disconnection between the values as well as the knowledge of rural and urban groups.

Following the news of yet another mass shooting, people in the rural areas know they’re in trouble. Not only for the obvious tragedy of the situation but also because they know the right to their lifestyle is under threat.

Ignorance Is Strength

The “intellectuals” of the city try and impose their values and ways of living on others. And for a simple reason: because they have no understanding of the culture outside of their bubble.

While they obviously have good intentions, because people most people do, nobody will ever agree on anything if respect, knowledge, and understanding aren’t a fundamental part of their relationship. This is the same for nearly every other issue.