An Honest Look At Life And Modern Problems

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An Honest Look At Life And Modern Problems

At, we take an honest look at everything in the world that piques our interest. We look at random every-day situations to what’s going on around the globe.

Reason For Its Creation

Thankfully, it’s unlike what the mainstream media has turned into lately: a mishmash of truth, lies, and corporate influence, with news organizations feeling the pressure to pander whatever narrative due to their overlord advertisers.

Print media is dying. And many of the traditional media companies are losing credibility due to their oversensationalized reports and misrepresentations of the truth. The public is beginning to understanding that the bottom-line is always priority number one for them.

With the advent of streaming platforms like YouTube, alternative media sources are looking to replace dinosaurs like NBC, ABC, and CNN. While some people argue that it’s merely tabloid journalism, one could say that the stories spread around by other “established” companies are based on hearsay as well.

What You Can Expect

This site features an honest look at modern problems. No more, or no less. It’s just a genuine take on things, without the influence of advertisers, who are focused on pandering a narrative at no matter the cost.

There are no established political views on the site. Any opinion or theory is welcome, as long as it’s backed up with data, and is within reasonable parameters. is meant to be an example of what people call the “marketplace of ideas.” Except, a real one, where people are actually free to say what they think and feel.

Enjoy your stay.