What It’s About And What You Can Expect

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Ataraxik is a Network Of Writers and Content Creators

Ataraxik is a network of writers and content creators who write about lifestyle, philosophy, news, politics, and all of the pressing issues of today’s world. We consider ourselves to be centrist, politically even though some of the attitudes and belief systems on here might be center-left, or even on the right in some cases.

The purpose of the site is to provide a different perspective on the world’s problems. If you’re like us, reading the news can be exhausting, and for a simple reason.

Mostly because their take on things is usually 1) ideologically possessed, and 2) opinions that are processed through the mainstream media filter, one created by corporate advertisers.

We like to think of Ataraxik as a forum, or rather an ongoing conversation between ourselves and the reader. Any opinions are welcome, from what society deems outrageous, to more conventional perspectives.

We Learn From You, The Same Way You Learn From Us

We learn from you, the same way that you learn from us. It’s a reciprocal relationship. Additionally, the people writing for this site are just regular people, and many admit they don’t know everything. For nearly all of us, the sake of the site is to articulate points that are often hard to explain. It’s a way of reflecting on experiences for the sake of understanding them better.

All donations to Patreon are appreciated a lot, whether they’re $1 or $100.

But anyway, we hope you enjoy everything, and if you want to criticize the site, or make recommendations for any type of content you’d like to see, just write your thoughts in the comments section.

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