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The Most Popular Posts Thus Far

Here are some of the most viewed and popular articles on the website so far with each category mentioned above:

Social Issues

This is an in-depth post on why people aren’t having kids anymore in Western nations. It takes a look at the modern culture, the economy, history, and the modern challenges that people are faced with today.

Here Are The Reasons Why No One Wants Kids Anymore

An in-depth look at the College and University system, including why students should think twice about pursuing a post-secondary education.

6 Real Reasons Why Going To College Is A Bad Idea

A look at the link, or lack thereof, between immigration and crime.

Does Immigration Cause Crime? – A Look At The Relevant Data



Here’s a look at why people are so lonely in the modern area, as well as the differences between loneliness, and solitude, with the latter being beneficial, while the former is not. It also explains the biological reasoning for why loneliness leads to other sicknesses, both physical and mental.

Why Being Lonely Kills You – But Solitude Makes You Stronger

This is a post about Marxism, explaining what it is, and what it isn’t. However, it’s not a promotion of the ideology, it’s merely an explanation, as it’s possibly one of the most misrepresented philosophies ever.

What Is Marxism? An In-Depth Explanation In Clear Language

A brief summary of the philosophy of Michel Foucault.

Michel Foucault – An In-Depth Explanation In Clear Language

A Jungian look at unhappiness in the modern world.

Carl Jung And Why You’re Unhappy


This is a post dealing with ambition, goals, and surrounding yourself with people who are good for your life.

24/7 Ambition And How To Know You’re On The Right Path


Why we should all reconsider our use of plastic.

Why We Need To Stop Using Plastic And How To Avoid Using It


This post looks at the water crisis and how the wars in the future will be around it. It’s slowly becoming one of the biggest problems that we’ll see in our lifetime. Maybe the baby-boomers won’t see it, but Millennials will, for sure.

More Data Shows The Water Crisis Is On Its Way


This post is about not lying to yourself, and how to go about facing reality. It’s about understanding things how they are, and what not to believe in.

Face Reality Without Romanticized Notions (Without Delusion)