Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump

Be Like Emmanuel Macron And Accept That Trump Is President

Despite media reports, it’s good that someone is getting through to Trump in a positive way.

Internationally, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, is building a solid reputation for himself for being able to get along with Donald Trump in a way that’s actually productive. As pissed as many people are by the association, especially citizens in France, it’s pretty good for the world.

Whether you like Trump or not is, pretty much, entirely irrelevant, and the constant screaming, the foaming-at-the-mouth, hysterical, wailing and crying of the media and Trump-haters is actually not good for society or the people around the globe.

Donald Trump is the president. It’s a fact that you have to get used to, and the more you cry, scream and piss your pants while frantically wailing your arms like a child, the more you’re just pissing off the average person who wants to see good things happen.

Trump is a typical Republican. His views on abortion, sex, and drug laws are archaic, you know, the kind of stuff in which Americans seem to be behind the times.

The rest of the world, especially Europe – and some in Canada, notably, Montreal and Vancouver – are beginning to realize the efficacy of harm reduction strategies, rather than prohibition.

Whether it’s in relation to drug use, sex, prostitution, or what have you, a lot of people are beginning to accept the filthy behavior of human beings, the kind that 95% of us engage in on a regular basis but don’t admit.


Prohibition is bullshit, as has been covered in another article on Ataraxik.com

Without getting too far off topic, it’s great that people like Emmanuel Macron have accepted Trump’s presidency and are learning to work with him, despite the absolutely hysterical derangement of people here in North America, who want not a single person to even speak to Trump.

He’s the president. Someone is going to have to speak to him. Your crying and pleas for people to disassociate from him are misguided in the worst way because it’s stopping people from being able to have an honest, measured, conversation with the leader of the free world.

If you look at both of these guys’ background, it’s easy to understand why they get along. They’re both novices in the political sphere and have a ton of experience in the business world.

Shit, they might even be bonding LOL. Either way, this is good. More politicians – and regular people – have to accept the fact that he’s the chief-in-command of the most influential nation on the planet.