Two Parents in NY

Two Parents In NY Sue Their Son So He’ll Move Out

Two parents in New York are fighting in court to have their man child forcibly removed from the house. The kid won’t move out, and they had no other option but to sue.

It’s Time To Move Out

It’s been taken to the extreme. Two parents in New York were so desperate to get their 30-year-old son out of the house that they took his ass to court to have a judge forcibly remove him.

It’s not unlike the 2006 movie with Matthew McConaughey, Failure To Launch. It’s the one where his mom and dad pay a chick, Sarah Jessica Parker, to inspire their kid to move out of the house.

Matthew McConaughey - Two Parents In NY

However, this guy doesn’t give off the Matthew McConaughey vibe.

Michael Rotondo said to the judge he’s well aware that his parents want him out of their place. But he argued that he needs at least six months before he can find the time and money to go.

The judge has probably seen a lot of interesting cases in his day, but this one will truly be unforgettable.

According to the Post-Standard of Syracuse, State Supreme Court Justice, Donald Greenwood, said his claim – that he needed more time to move out – was straight-up “outrageous.”

And Rotondo has intentions to appeal.

At Least He Prepared

Interestingly enough, the judge told him that he showed a lot of initiative considering he represented himself in court. He clearly had studied the relevant laws.

His parents, Mark and Christina, stated they had no choice but to take it to the court because he ignored eviction letters as well as money. Reporters called them and asked if they’d comment on the matter but they said no, and understandably so.

Moreover, Rotondo’s got a Volkswagen Passat POS sitting in his parent’s driveway. And they had to ask the judge to get Michael to move it.

His parents wrote him a letter on the 13th of February which stated, “Michael, here is $1,100 from us so you can find a place to stay.”

The letter asks for him to sell some of his stuff so he can have a bit more money and more room.

Basically, his parents are begging him to get a job and move out of the house. Rotondo was arguing with the judge in court, who asked him to just settle the matter with his parents in person, rather than wasting valuable time in the legal system.

After the court case went down, he asked for reporters and camera crews to meet him outside so he could talk to them about the case. He also said that he had a business, but wouldn’t say precisely what it was.

My Business Is My Business

“My business is my business,” the bearded 30-year-old said. His parents’ lawyer is currently writing out an eviction notice to have him removed from the house.

The funny thing is, this sort of thing is super common. Taking it all the way to the court is not something you hear every day. But this is basically what happens when you enable someone so they never have to develop or grow into a legit grown-ass man.


Adult Children

If you search the term, “adult children,” in Google, or whatever search engine you use, you’ll find article after article about these kids who won’t move out of their parents’ house.

You’ll even find a website called, “,” which seems to deal with this situation directly. None of these kids want to move out; they’re forever in limbo.

They have a hard time accepting the fact that maybe they’ll have to work a job they don’t like, to pay for an apartment totally unlike those belonging to the Instagram models they stare at every day on their $1000 iPhone.